Chicken Tumble

Launch: September 2015
Price: Free
 Chicken Tumble is perfect for those who like one tap, skill games

Chicken are the farmer’s best friend! That’s why they should be delivered as comfortably as possible! Control the road with one tap to guarantee a smooth, bump-less ride. The smallest mistake will make you lose a chicken, and a big mistake will total your truck. Sure, its an old truck, but you can always customise it by giving it a shiny new paint job! Nobody said delivering chicken couldn’t be done in style!

How to play:
Each road cube can be rotated with one tap so the road faces up. Some cubes scare the chicken away, some others are insurmoutable obstacles! make sure each one tap counts!
Keep your eyes peeled

-unique gameplay
-many skins for customization
-lush hand painted textures
-world wide leaderboards
-completly free

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